How to Go From A Mosquito Infestation to Barely a Mosquito in Your Yard

You’ve tried everything…

But nothing’s worked.

Even the one thing your friend swore got rid of all her mosquito problems didn’t do a thing for your yard.

You’ve accepted that your yard is going to be a mosquito infested wasteland during the summer.

Mosquitoes at dusk

Mosquitoes can make trying to enjoy your back yard impossible.

It’s sad really. Your yard was one of the reasons you bought your house.

The Secret to a Mosquito Free Yard

One size does not fit all

  • Some things will work for your home that won’t work for your neighbors’ home….
  • Some things you can control, while other things can’t be changed…

A Tale of Two Reviews

To keep mosquitoes out of your yard, you need to know the strengths (and weaknesses) of each strategy.

Below are screenshots of two Amazon reviews of the same mosquito product. A product can work great for one person, but seem completely worthless to another.

Very Positive and Very Negative Amazon Reviews For The Same Mosquito Product

Amazon Mosquito Positive Review

This person was very happy with the results.

Amazon Negative Mosquito Review

This person was very unhappy with the results.

How To Find Out What Will Work For You

Tiki Torches for Mosquito Control

Tiki Torches by Nan Palmero.

Finding out what will work for your home would require you to:

  • Find out what actually works against mosquitoes (and stop using products that don’t work)
  • Find out if the strategy will work for your specific home environment
  • Test out and see if it actually works
  • Keep doing this over and over until you have reduced mosquitoes enough to enjoy your yard

Mosquito testing cycle… keep going until you get something that actually works. (1)

(1) Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Want To Find Out What Will Work For Your Yard in 2 Minutes?

If you want to skip all that…

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