Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito Control Frequently Asked Questions

Will the treatment completely eliminate mosquitoes?

Will the treatment work for ticks?

How long does the treatment last?

How long is mosquito season in St. Louis?

The government has a mosquito truck come through and spray. What makes CloverWall different?

Do I need to be home when CloverWall treats?

What if it rains?  Will it wash off the treatment?

What do you treat?

Is mosquito control safe?

Can my family and pets go back into the yard immediately?

What products do you use?

Does your treatment impact bees or other pollinators?

Mosquito Free Guarantee

While no treatment will remove all outdoor mosquitoes, we promise a 60 - 90% reduction of your mosquitoes.

If you aren't satisfied with the results of your initial treatment we'll remedy the issue or give your money back, no questions asked.

We didn't know it was possible to get rid of mosquitoes

Very happy with our experience with Cloverwall. We had a mosquito treatment. We didn't know it was possible to get rid of mosquitoes. Service team was great, pricing very good, would definitely recommend.

John & Abby Kowalik

We could enjoy our back yard right away

Great Service. Came right out to my house and sprayed for mosquitoes and it worked great. No lingering odor, we could enjoy our back yard right away. Thanks Cloverwall !!

Ken Goldman


Try Out Mosquito Control 

Stop getting bit in your own yard. Protect your family and pets. You'll love it or it's free guarantee.

*Offer valid for first time residential customers under 1 acre.